Shatana Bags Television Deal With New Song, "Ka Ne Wu"

Shatana Bags Television Deal With New Song, "Ka Ne Wu"

Shatana, the queen of conscious music and philanthropist, has a new job on television. The employment offer came just a few weeks after she released her latest controversial song, “Ka Ne Wu.”

Shatana will get her own television show beginning in June of this year. The show, titled “Ka Ne Wu,” is a follow-up to her latest controversial song, “Ka Ne Wu,” which has gained traction online and in the community owing to its weighty, thought-provoking tone that speaks truth to power.Shatana Lands a Television Deal for Her New Song “Ka Ne Wu”

“Ka Ne Wu” will confront and correct societal vices, bad politics, marriage, culture, and religion. It will also include music, entertainment, education, and culture. Offers came in shortly after the publication of her moving song “Ka Ne Wu,” and she had the luxury of choosing one of them. It’s incredible how her music has come to life and is now being broadcast on television to reach its full potential.

Keep an eye on this space for further information on the transaction.

Check out Shatana’s “Ka Ne Wu” as well. Don’t forget to spread the word.

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