Labour Men Shower Praise On Shatana For Employing

Labour Men Shower Praise On Shatana For Employing

A recent social media video showed some laborers thanking voiceforous female musician Shatana for hiring them to work on her property.

The laborers, despite their calm demeanor, were overjoyed to be working for Shatana. They did, however, express their outrage in a ferocious tone at young girls who pay large sums of money to get cosmetic surgery instead of using those large sums to fund programs that benefit society.

They said that, as a result of Shatana’s inventive thinking, all of her funds are being invested in ways that will assist them to employ themselves in the long run. They then recommended young females to put their money towards projects and causes rather than having liposuctions with artificial silicon to make their buttocks and breasts larger in order to attract men. They jokingly stated that males who get involved with ladies who get liposuction are not wise enough because all of the bodily assertions are false.

Shatana has been on a mission to educate the general public, particularly the youth, about the detrimental effects of liposuction. She’s even released a song called “Lipo Lipo” that disparages liposuction. Take a look at it down below.

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