Joseph Matthew Makes Top 10 Music Chart With "Promise Land"

Joseph Matthew Makes Top 10 Music Chart With "Promise Land"

Joseph Matthew, a contemporary gospel singer and Afro-gospel crooner, is preparing to release his latest single, “Promise Land.” The new song, his first of the year, will be released in July.

Following the release of “Blessed” last year, which really blew the minds of Gospel heads, his fans have been clamoring for a new effort from him. “Blessed” was a synthesis of various sound cultures, primarily Afrobeat and highlife. This unique flavor piqued the interest of many music fans since it was novel in the context of Gospel Music. It catapulted Joseph Matthew to popularity both in and out of Ghana.

“The new song, “Promise Land,” which will be released in July, promises to be ear-catching and gospel-filled,” Joseph Matthew said.

Keep an eye on this site for further information on the new tune. Also, check out “Blessed” from the list below.

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