A common question I’m asked is, “What’s a good conversion rate?” It’s hard to tell for you because you only see what’s going on in your own practice and can’…

A common question I’m asked is, “What’s a good conversion rate?”

It’s hard to tell for you because you only see what’s going on in your own practice and can’t compare it to your competitors.

Or, you believe it’s around 50% and that’s good enough.

Or, you pay me to train your patient coordinators to increase their consultation conversion rates because you know they can do better.

I guarantee to increase their close rate by at least 15% because I give your coordinator(s) a new mindset, structure, and scripts, that help them make sense of this complicated “sales” process so they’re not “winging it”.

From this professional training, many coordinators have gone from a 25% to a 50% conversion rate – up to an 80% conversion rate and that’s fantastic.

The surgeon is happy. The coordinator is happy. But we’re not done….

There are several more conversion rates we should be addressing that would exponentially grow your revenue numbers, but you don’t see it because you are only focused on this one area of the process.

A successful practice digs deeper. For example,

When a prospective cosmetic patient:

  • Opted-in on your Website form…..
  • Direct messaged you from social media…..
  • Clicked on your ad….
  • Called your office….

…….Did they book an appointment?

If they made an appointment >>> Did they show up ready to say yes? 

If they didn’t book at the consultation >>> Did you follow up strategically?

And, after the patient had surgery >>> Did they return for their post-op photos?

Did they give you a great review? Refer their friends? Return for more?

Can you imagine if you fine-turned your processes and were able to increase your revenues in each stage by only 10%, what would that be worth you?

The answer is that it would be exponential growth for you because 10% + 10% + 10% = 33% because you are building on each stage.

So, here are simple ways to fix this so you make the most of your efforts….ASSIGN A TEAM MEMBER TO BE THE “PATIENT EXPERIENCE COORDINATOR”

One person needs to be in charge of monitoring the patient experience in your practice, from contacting the office, completing a visit, and then what happens.

This should only take a few hours per week but it’s time well spent if she’s plugging up the holes where you’re losing money.

Your patient experience coordinator will opt-in just like an Internet prospective patient does. They monitor phone calls to ensure your receptionist is on her game. They email your practice to see how long it takes to get a response and so on.USE A PRACTICE CELL PHONE TO TEXT 

Since your patients like texting as a way to communicate with you, you’ll want to embrace it as well.

Especially for new leads. The first one to respond wins so use a practice cell phone to immediately be notified when you get a lead so you can call and then text right away to start the process. If you don’t, your competitors will.

You can even use your own cell phone since there’s plenty of business texting services available that show a different number over yours to hide your real cell phone number. You can also use the desktop version of the app to keep your staff off their cell phones during working hours.TRAIN YOUR STAFF TO BE CONVERTING ROCK STARS

Anybody who’s really good at something got that way through training and practice.

If you want your receptionist to convert more callers and you want your coordinator to convert more consultations – give them the tools they need to represent you professionally!

Your image (and bottom line) depends on it!

Once they have the right mindset with proven scripts and a structure to follow, they will more confidently promote you as the best choice to your prospective patients who now become cash-paying patients.

But watching training videos one time is not enough. They need repetition, coaching, and accountability so these new strategies become second nature to them.

Have your staff join my clubs so I can take care of this for you so you KNOW your conversion rates are increasing.

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