Shatana Outdoors Shoots a Hot Video For Her Hit Single "Sika Mp3 Dede"

Shatana Outdoors Shoots a Hot Video For Her Hit Single "Sika Mp3 Dede"

Sika Mp Dede has, in one way or another, become the most famous saying this year. Shatana, as a talented musician, did her rendition of it, which got so much appeal from the music-listening populace. As a result, there was a need to accompany the smash hit song with an appropriate video to help the song’s growth. Shatana did just that.

The video, which dropped on her YouTube channel in the early hours of Friday, December 16, 2022, is a sight one can’t just behold. The depiction of the song’s lyrics that is translated in the video shows the plight of a Ghanaian. The masses struggle to better themselves, but the selected few get all the goodies to the detriment of the masses. They also sewed the story’s seam with dance displays and the warm jerking of lovely ladies.

Shatana’s new music video, “Sika Mp3 Dede,” though very entertaining, tackles Nana Addo’s failure to provide concrete measures to address the cedi’s depreciation and the hot economic climate in his much-anticipated address to the nation.

With vibrant shots, artistic reels, and sharp delivery, the music video is an accurate rendition of the song and brings its overall message to life.

Shatana’s “Sika Mp3 Dede” music video since its release has been praised by fans for her fusion of amazing genres that underscore her melodic ability.

The music video is directed by JMKAD.

Watch the video for the track below.

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