Shatana - Ka Ne Wu - Mp3

Shatana - Ka Ne Wu - Mp3

The Queen of conscious music and vibes, Shatana has released new jam called, “Ka Ne Wu”.
Shatana’s usual use of logic in her songs is already known to us, so we can infer that this new song will be just as excellent as her previous offerings.

“Ka Ne Wu,” a song, discusses the significance of being honest. The phrase “Whether you speak the truth or not, you will die, so say the truth and be free” is a well-known Akan proverb that implies that telling the truth is always the best course of action.

The song also mentions freedom fighters who stood up to combat corruption and uphold the honor of their nations with all of their might. a few even

Because it instills truthfulness and loyalty in today’s youth, “Ka Ne Wu” is incredibly didactic.

I will introduce to you “Ka Ne Wu” by Shatana without further ado. Enjoy the music down here. Share, don’t forget.

Ka Ne Wu, Shatana (Prod. By Airthem)

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