Shatana Is The Queen Of Conscious Music – Air Commander

Shatana Is The Queen Of Conscious Music – Air Commander

Ranaya Pappoe, better known in showbiz circles as Shatana, has been crowned the queen of conscious music in Ghana.

Shatana is one of Ghana’s most recognizable and well-liked figures, and her song promotes peace, unity, and women’s empowerment.

Shatana is the Queen of Conscious Music in Ghana, according to broadcast journalist Stephen Gidimajor, affectionately known as Air Commander.

Speaking on his drive-time show on Ghana Broadcasting Corporation’s Twin City Radio in Takoradi, Air Commander stated that Shatana’s style of music is unique and carries wisdom blended with authentic melodies, and thus she deserves to be crowned the queen of conscious music in Ghana.

Shatana’s music is more than just entertaining; it is quickly becoming a vehicle for many Ghanaian societies to confront the harsh realities of life and overcome various challenges faced in the country.

Shatana’s music reflects her positive and uplifting attitude toward life throughout her career.

In addition to her involvement in music, Shatana has used her platform as a powerful voice to empower women and effect necessary change.

Shatana is gradually becoming a household name in Ghana and an icon of conscious music as a result of her work. Her music is a beacon of light, illuminating mindsets and inspiring young people to take on beneficial tasks and overcome life’s challenges.

Shatana’s latest visuals for her viral song “Lipo Lipo” can be seen below.

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