Prostès Invades Angel Obinim’s Church; Shatana Chases Them

Prostès Invades Angel Obinim’s Church; Shatana Chases Them

Shatana, a singer and philanthropist, reportedly chased away a couple of alleged prostitutes earlier today who were operating in front of Bishop Obinim’s church. The incident took place near School Junction in the East Legon branch.

They were physically desecrating the sanctuary of God, which enraged the aspiring musician who was driving by when he spotted them. She wasted little time in removing them all from the grounds of the church.

When questioned about it, she responded that she was motivated to act by her conscience. She added that it was her responsibility as a Christian to defend the temple of God against sacrilege. She then compared her behavior to that of Jesus Christ, who in the Bible was depicted whipping traders who were conducting business in front of a church.

Pastors and all Christians were then commissioned by Shatana, the late Terry Bonchaka’s blood sister, to never stop fighting for the gospel.

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