Media Personnel Endorse The ‘Joseph Mathew’

Media Personnel Endorse The ‘Joseph Mathew’

The debates over whether or not African Christians will allow other rhythms and noises from the “world” to contaminate the traditional Gospel music we know and cherish. Hiphop, dancehall, and reggae were all incorporated into the music in one way or another. There was a need to experiment with more noises in order to recruit more people to the church because music is dynamic and changes do occur to it occasionally.

It’s a smart move that the Afrobeat music, which has emerged as the newest global craze, is now quickly permeating Gospel culture. It wasn’t a digression to go on a few years ago because many Christians disapproved of it.

Because many people at the time could not comprehend the idea of the new sound, Joseph Matthew, the first Gospel musician to boldly champion this agenda, got a great deal of backlash. Because he saw a future in the fusion of Afrobeat and the Gospel of Christ kingdom, Joseph, who was decades ahead of his time, continued to press forward unfazed. He was the first Gospel artist to use the phrase, even before it developed and gained popularity, many years ago.

A select group of music-savvy presenters and commentators recognized the potential of the Afro-gospel category and praised Joseph Matthew for his talent and brand. Frank Kwabena Owusu (Franky 5) of Hitz 103.9 FM and Dr. Cann, of blessed memory and formerly of Happy 89.9 FM, are two of the select few who have supported the Joseph Matthew name.

View some films where pundits and presenters discuss the Joseph Matthew brand before the “Afro-gospel” genre took off in Ghana and spread across the continent.

Watch “Blessings,” the newest single by Joseph Matthew, below.

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