Kunta Kinte Enforces 'Bring Hiplife Campaign' With "Fefeefe"

Kunta Kinte Enforces 'Bring Hiplife Campaign' With "Fefeefe"

Kunta Kinte is back in the music world as if he never left, following a protracted absence. “Simple” is back to take back his kingdom, churning out fresh Afrobeats vibes mixed with pure hiplife sounds.

“Fefeefe,” his most recent song, combines mellow Afrobeats chords and notes with hard hitting hiphop kicks, snares, and hi hats. It makes sense that the song is titled “Fefeefe” because he put his heart and soul into it, making it the best jam you will hear from him.

King Paluta was hired by Kunta Kinte to make it just what Kunta Kinte wanted, a “Yahiite”

The topic is didactic in nature. It instructs young men on how to care for their queens in that way. You know that the two have you covered when it comes to romantic relationships.

The song, which was created by Itz Joe Beatz, a rapidly emerging musical talent, is a step toward revitalizing the movement to bring hiplife back to Ghanaian music venues and spread it around the globe.

I give you “Fefeefe” by Kunta Kinte and King Paluta without further ado.


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