Joseph Matthew’s "Blessed" Bags Nomination At This Year’s Ghana Music Awards

Joseph Matthew’s "Blessed" Bags Nomination At This Year’s Ghana Music Awards

Afro-gospel musician Joseph Matthew, who resides in the UK, has made his fans happy by receiving a nomination for his song “Blessed” at this year’s Ghana Music Awards, UK. One of the most esteemed award programs for Ghanaians living abroad is the awards program, which has been running for a few years. Being nominated for it is undoubtedly a huge honor.

Ghana’s father of Afro-gospel, Joseph Matthew, received a nomination for “UK Based Gospel Song Of The Year” in the awards. The songs “Bless Me” by Mayqueen, “Mo” by Alex Acheampong, and “Agyenkwa Hene” by Samuel Sey are among those fiercely vying for the title in this category. Even though competition is fierce in this area, “Blessed” by Joseph Matthews has a better chance of winning. from receiving extensive airtime on radio and television across the majority of African nations, not just Ghana or the UK. Additionally, it generated enormous revenue across all digital media.

Because it combined the word of God with modern Afrobeats music, “Blessed” became so popular. Its capacity to cross cultural boundaries and amass numbers is a result of the youth who embraced and promoted it.

Vote for “Blessed” by Joseph Matthew to win “UK Based Gospel Song Of The Year” by clicking on the link below.

A brand-new Afro-gospel song by Joseph Matthew entitled “Promise Land” has just been released. The name is taken from the biblical allegory of the rich land flowing with milk and honey. Joseph Matthew compares the “Promise Land” to Africa, which is fortunate since God Almighty has blessed their continent with so many blessings.

Listen to “Promise Land” by Joseph Matthew below.

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