Gomoa Fetteh Elders: Raise the Red Flag!_ghnation.net

Gomoa Fetteh Elders: Raise the Red Flag!_ghnation.net

The Gomoa East District Chief Executive (DCE) in the Central Region, Mr. Solomon Darko Quarm, has incurred the wrath of some prominent elders and youth in the Gomoa Fetteh Traditional Area and its adjoining communities.

The aggrieved elders of Gomoa Fetteh are boiling with anger at the DCE because they were vehemently protesting against the current decision taken by Mr. Quarm to use his executive position to endorse Kwesi Alhaji.

They indicated that the DCE endorsed the support of Kwesi Alhaji to help the Assembly in its fight against the land-guard activities, which had resulted in acts of violence and a reign of terror by unscrupulous thugs.

The elders led by Nana Essel, who doubles as the Secretary to the Gomoa Fetteh Stool and a permanent resident of the area, argued that it is unlawful and wrong for the DCE to ask for the support of Kwesi Alhaji to fight landguardism across the assembly in attempts to put a stop to the menace.

The publication further stated that the move was in consultation with chiefs within the Gomoa East District Assembly.

“Over the four-year existence of the Gomoa East District Assembly, it has received a myriad of complaints from inhabitants regarding the harassment by land guards, making life unbearable for developers.”

“But I am happy to inform the inhabitants of Gomoa East that from henceforth the Gomoa East District Assembly, in collaboration with the chiefs and people within the district, have banned land guard activities and the collection of digging fees from developers.

“Areas such as Dampase, Langma, Gomoa Budumburam, Aprah, and Nkwantanan are part of areas that experience these activities,” Mr. Quarm told Citi News.

“The digging fees will from now on be incorporated into the payment of land and shall be paid only once to the landowner at home during the hand-over of the site plan or indentures, adding that on no account should anyone demand payment of digging fees from a developer after he has paid the initial monies to the Traditional Authorities who sold the parcel of land to him,” the Gomoa East DCE said.

According to Nana Essel, the spokesperson for the elders of the Gomoa Fetteh, the DCE’s move is a total decoy and likely uninformed or deliberate, because the champion of the agenda is Kwasi Alhaji, who is well known in the district for the same atrocities he has been “commissioned” to resolve in contravention of the new Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036).

According to the new land act, “A Chief, Tendana, head of clan or family in charge of the management of stool, clan, or family land who fails to be transparent, fair, open, and impartial in matters affecting land under that person’s management commits an offense, and upon summary conviction, the conviction shall be liable to a fine of not less than five thousand Ghana cedis (GH60,000.00) and not more than ten thousand cedis (GH120,000.00) or a term of im

“It must be recounted that the brewing conflicts which have stalled the development of the area are championed by Kwasi Alhaji, strutting about as the Mankrado of Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool to consolidate a following of thugs that terrorize residents, estate developers, chiefs, and any opposing party,” added Nana Essel.

The same Kwasi Alhaji and his known ally, the Paramount Chief (Omanhene) of Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area, Obrifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobia II, who are currently facing destoolment charges by their Kingmakers at the Central Regional House of Chiefs in Cape Coast, were fingered in the indiscriminate Disposition of Land in Gomoa Fetteh, according to another consultation with the Queen-mother of Gom

She added that, “the Paramount Queen-mother (Omanhemaa) of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Area and many Divisional Chiefs of the Traditional Council were forced to distance themselves from the Omanhene’s arbitrary action and issued a joint disclaimer to that effect.”

The Abor Twidan Royal Family of Gomoa Fetteh also alleged that, “It is a well-established fact that a newly found ally of the Gomoa East DCE in the person of “Kwasi Alhaji” is a contributing factor to the raging chieftaincy issues and acts of terror in Gomoa Fetteh and surrounding communities with the help of the embattled Paramount Chief, Obrifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobia II.”

Since the late 90s, Gomoa Fetteh has been without a legally recognized chief as a result of a raging dispute between the two royal houses of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool, namely: Efuwa Akoa house, represented by one self-acclaimed Ebusuapanyin Kow Abeka, and Maakowa house, represented by the main Ebusuapanyin Kofi Ahomka, for both houses in the Abor Twidan Royal Family/clan.

Nonetheless, the Abor Twidan Royal family/clan is only one clan with one Ebusuapanyin, but this same Obirifo Ehunako Ahor Ankobea II has certified 3 more members namely; Kweku Dadzie, Kow Abeka and one kwame Annan all in the same Abor Twidan Royal family/clan as Abusuapanyins creating conflicts here and there among the family.

However, following the death of Nana Abor Ewusie XIX, Chief (Odikro) of Gomoa Fetteh in 1999, the emergence of Nana Abor Yamoah II, allegedly a non-indigene who does not hail from any of the ruling houses, but rather from the Asona clan of Dago, was un-customarily enstooled as Chief of Gomoa Fetteh and managed to get the backing of

This dispute has continued for years in several legal battles between the ruling houses of the Stool until the demise of Nana Abor Yamoah II in April 2019, after which the cronies and land-guards of the deceased chief, led by the same Kwasi Alhaji, are reported to have launched a wave of terror in the area and unlawfully imposed one Kofi Baah, styling himself as “Nana Abor Atta II,” in a “maneuvering” with the help of the embattled Omanhene, Obrifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobea II,”

The Kingmakers revealed that the aforementioned revelations were well known to the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council and other government institutions and security agencies after decades of terror in the area.

A recent decision by the Cape Coast High Court in a suit filed by the main Abor Twidan Royal family has barred Kofi Baah, self-styled “Nana Abor Atta II,” and his cronies from conducting themselves as legitimate chiefs and custodians of the Gomoa Fetteh Stool until further determined by a competent court of jurisdiction, subject to the approval of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council, which in itself is at the brink of massive reforms.

Nana Essel further justified his comments by exposing the tripartite relationship amongst Kwasi Alhaji and the Paramount Chief, Obrifo Ahunako Ahor Ankobia II, who is also a relative of the DCE.

It is on record that the Paramount Chief appealed to President Nana Akufo-Addo to retain Mr. Quarm as DCE after the 2020 election in a publication by Daily Graphic publication dated 14th July 2021 and headlined, “Retain Gomoa East DCE, Omanhene appeals to President.”

It is therefore prudent for the DCE to work in adherence with the Land Act, 2020 (Act 1036), which is the “bible” of land-related activities now and thus questions the motive of the DCE’s decision to endorse Kwasi Alhaji in attempts to ban his own activities.

However, when contacted to respond to the allegations leveled against him, Kwasi Alhaji stated that the allegations were untrue and mere attempts to smear him and his hard-earned reputation.

Kwesi Alhaji through the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool Head, Abusuapanyin Kwao Attah, pointed out that Kwesi Alhaji has been legally, customarily, and traditionally installed on the Mankrado of the Gomoa Fetteh Royal Stool under the stool name, Nana Kwesi Kwansah II, saying that his installation to ascend the throne has been the beef of some self-seeking elders.

Abusuapanyin Kwao Attah showcased historical records from the heads of family, elders, and kingmakers, corroborated with credible information from the chiefs and elders of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council, which attested to the fact Nana Kwansi Kwansah II remains the legitimate Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh in accordance with the Chieftaincy Act 759 of 2008, which is well captured in Section 57, Sub-Section (1) Who a Chief is Who

They explained that, based on Section 57, sub-section (1) of the above Act, a chief is a person hailing from the appropriate house and lineage, validly nominated, selected, enstooled, or installed in accordance with the relevant customary laws and usage of the particular area.

They warned various self-seeking individuals and elders who are interested in the position of Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh to stop their continuous habit of hiding behind the faceless elders in Gomoa Fetteh to attack the integrity of the traditionally and customarily installed Omankrado of Gomoa Fetteh, Nana Kwesi Kwansah II.

According to Kwao Attah, those who were attacking the integrity of the Omankrado Gomoa Fetteh are even not from Gomoa Fetteh, explaining that they do not live in the area.

He called out Nana Essel and his followers for causing unnecessary confusion and trouble in the Accra area, and warned them to stop disrespecting Nana Kwansi Kwansah II.

Abusuapanyin Kwao Attah reaffirmed that Nana Kwesi Kwansah II is the recognized member of the Gomoa Akyempim Traditional Council who is in good standing.

He denied that Nana Kwesi Kwansah II is a land guard kingpin who is fueling conflicts in the area, adding that “at the appropriate time, we the elders and kingmakers of the area would deal with those troublemakers who are fomenting trouble in the area.”

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