Anticipate: H.Hardy Outdoors His Much Anticipated Second Album, "Focus"

Anticipate: H.Hardy Outdoors His Much Anticipated Second Album, "Focus"

H.Hardy, a Liberian-born and Ghanaian-raised singer, has finally published his second album, “Focus,” which took him roughly two years to complete.

Since its release on July 21st, 2023, the album “Focus” has captivated the attention of many people all across the world. The masterpiece album is unusual in several ways, one of which is its diversity. It includes a diverse range of artists from throughout the world. From Ghana classics like Wutah Kobby and Medikal to Dominican Republic musician ‘Baby Shaba’ and a slew of others.

The “Focus” album, which has sixteen tracks, is a genre mash-up. “Everybody, Jobolo, Juju Me, Just Because, Music, Tonight, Zombie, By Force, Greatness, Follow, Lullaby, Never, Collabo, Come To Me, I Don’t Care, and Myself” are among the tracks on the album.

H.Hardy used a variety of genres and styles to demonstrate his versatility as a musician and to demonstrate how music is a universal system that transcends language and territorial limitations.

H.Hardy is a musician and producer who has won the Afrik Etoile Award. As the CEO of “H.Hardy Media,” a media company that produces movies, music videos, and other content, he interacts with many creative minds, which inspires his musical abilities.

H.Hardy, while being a producer, did not work on his album alone, but collaborated with several producers from around the world to bring his album to life. This is why “Focus” contains a variety of genres and sound kinds.

Oliver Walker (Manager), Sam Armstrong (Video Director), Julian Asiedu (Road Manager), Ademola Isiijola (DJ), Ayanwale Ayandele (Promotor Nigeria), and Noble Ohene (Strawman) (Ghana) all deserve credit.

CJ Made It (Ghana), Gomez Beatx (Ghana), Swanzy Beats (Ghana), Dee Tweh (Liberia), and Mahalo Beats (Liberia) are among the producers who contributed to the album.

Check out “Focus” Album by “H.Hardy” below. Don’t forget to share.

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