I Have Not Endorsed Any Lookalike - Terry Bonchaka’s Mother

I Have Not Endorsed Any Lookalike - Terry Bonchaka’s Mother

I Have Not Endorsed Any Lookalike – Terry Bonchaka’s Mother

Late Ghanaian legend Terry Bonchaka has had controversies sparked after his death. One of the most topical amongst them is finding a perfect replacement (his lookalike) to continue performing his songs to keep his legacy and memories fresh. Since his death, there have been different people who have taken on the brand and walked in the footsteps of the legend.

The new executive producer of the brand, who was appointed by Bonchaka’s family, Mr. Felix Agyin Davies, pointed out that the time has come to officially choose a near-perfect lookalike who can perform the songs of the legend to perfection. In light of this, the family and management have decided to put up a lookalike context in December to achieve this feat.

Social media yesterday was lit the day before yesterday with videos of a supposed person who was parading as the official lookalike of the late artist. Speaking to Terry Bonchaka’s mother, Madam Charlotte Adjetey, on the issue, she denied knowing the lookalike. She expressed her worry about how things like that could thwart what they have laid down to celebrate his son, Terry Bonchaka.

She further warned that all those parading as his son and using his name and brand for money should desist from the act. She also encouraged that it would be perfect if people like that joined the contest set for December to honor the late musician. Who knows? One of them could win and make it official.

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