"I Am The King Of Afro-gospel In Africa" – Joseph Matthew Claims_ghnation.net

"I Am The King Of Afro-gospel In Africa" – Joseph Matthew Claims_ghnation.net

Gospel music’s advocate and artist, Joseph Matthew, has expressed his elation at the fast-rising subgenre of gospel music in Africa. He revealed that he was shown, in a vision, the reach of the genre. So he did not stop at anything but started it, although the populace and lovers of gospel music thought of it as blasphemy.

Joseph Matthew further espoused that as a propounder of the culture, there was a particular pattern he started with, which has several sound branches at the moment. He explained that his fusion was of the indigenous Afrobeat sound of Fella Kuti and his cohorts with the Bible’s good news message.

The combination drew heavy retaliation from all corners of the Christian stratosphere.Many were those who even asserted that he was an antichrist, but now the genre is everywhere, not only in Ghana but in Africa as well.

Since its inception by Joseph Matthew, the genre has expanded to include sounds such as Amapiano, the novel “Afrobeats,” Hiphop, R&B, and so on, all while maintaining the basic element, “the gospel.”

Joseph Matthew is somehow melancholic, so whenever there is a conversation on the Afro-gospel genre, he is not duly acknowledged as the father of it, although there is no doubt that he started it in Africa. He also evinced that he had more in store for his fans and lovers of Afro-gospel.

Check out his latest song, “Blessed” (below), and judge for yourself.

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